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It's was as true for Von Braun as it is for science today; science fiction goes hand-in-hand with science. Early science fiction written inspired Von Braun (the chief architect of NASA's Apollo program), just as Star Trek influenced a new generation, and was influenced by the space race (1960 to 1975). These ideas of space exploration, and future possibilites, have always been written as government centered. In history, this has also been the case ; often providing cover for secret military programs (and interests). However, since the thawing of the cold war, the need for the cover has been seen as less and less necessary. As such, the political will that fueled the 1960's space race, evaporated. However, the interest in space exploration has not.

The original study into the question of space exploration, that began in 1989, has culminated in the Astronomy & Physics Institute's - Space Exploration Program. The move into space begin now!

Areas Covered:

  1. Medical Science - CI Medical Science Institute
  2. Computer Science - Cybernetics Institute
  3. Habitat Design - Environmental/Earth Sciences Institute


  1. MARS Alpha - API-SEP MARS Alpha


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